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From Demand Progress: "Here we go again.

The Obama administration apparently hasn't been paying close attention the past two years. Let's put it plainly: The American people don't want SOPA-style internet censorship. Period.

The Commerce Dept's Internet Policy Task Force has proposed making it a felony to stream copyrighted content (aka SOPA Section 201).

Interpreted broadly, this proposal would apply to anyone who uploads a YouTube video of themselves covering a song without permission, a video with copyrighted music playing in the background, even your friend's embarassing karoake performance or your family singing "Happy Birthday To You."
Please sign to the right to tell Obama: no new SOPA-style ban on streaming. " Please sign this petition:…

Thanks for the link, Pfaccioxx
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Ukrainian Fascists In Action
I had someone on the deviantart political forum tell me there was no fascists involved in the Ukrainian coup.
I then sent him a link to the Svoboda party, and he actually told me I was lying. I SENT PROOF!
I had more evidence than that single link, but wasting anymore time on that guy was pointless...He said there was no fascists in the Ukrainian coup even after I proved it.  I can not tell you how many times I have heard someone give me Oreilly and Maddow talking points on this issue.
Anyways, here are some of those Ukrainian fascists "i am making up" in action.
Look how the New York Daily News spins this situation...Just look at the headline.
Head of Ukraine TV slapped around by politicians, forced to resign on camera
Politicians? THEY ARE FASCISTS! Fascists who now have more power in Ukraine then before the coup occurred.  That article then
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Demand ECPA reform!
Does the US government need a warrant to access your email? The answer is no.
Thanks to an outdated, unconstitional law that most people have never heard of -- the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) -- the government can presently access your email and documents in the cloud without a warrant.
ECPA was originally passed in 1986, before most people had access to a home computer or email.  We've all been fighting hard against the NSA's warrentless spying programs, but ECPA says that hundreds of other government agencies -- like the IRS, FBI, DEA, even local law enforcement agencies -- can access stored email, private social media messages, and any documents in the cloud without getting a warrant from a judge.
The law flies directly in the face of our Fourth Amendment rights.
Bills to reform ECPA have gained huge support in recent months from both parties in Congress. But now the legislation is being blocked by a power grab from the Securities and Exchange Commission, which
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ACTA opts for plastic surgery *Petitions updated*
We beat it up and left it for dead, but it didn't learn. And now it's opting for a different tactic. It's sporting a full facelift, and hair dye to change its appearance. Yeah, we may have beaten it in the European Parliament, but now its supporters have worked a good part of ACTA into another document. The Canadian-EU Trade Agreement, or CETA, is the identity that ACTA wants to pass itself off as. Those in favor of ACTA are looking to use Canada as a back door to implement ACTA. Here's some info I found about the identity change.
"Never one to take the word "No" at face value, the European Commission (EC) has tried various tactics to ease ACTA through the European Parliament, including an attempt to delay the last week's vote until the European Court of Justice had ruled on it's compatibility with EU law.
According to Geist, "The European Commission strategy appears to be to use CETA as the new ACTA, burying its provisions in a broader Canadian trade agreement with the hope that th
:iconstop-sopa-group:Stop-SOPA-Group 10 12
Some news... This. Sign it, spread it, spam it. We need as many signers as possible, ASAP. It's a petition that could finally make hollywood GTFO our interwebs. THIS IS CRUCIAL! Do not ignore this. Every signature, every voice matters. The more people who join the better. And here's another petition, not quite as urgent time-wise, but it's also to stop persecution of innocent internet users.
Let's unite and remind them that the internet is OURS!
:iconstop-sopa-group:Stop-SOPA-Group 10 4
Internment Settelment Camps Document
This might be to long to read, so I suggest you skim to the important parts, interpret this anyway you like, just sharing
this with you guys, its been up for 2 years now. Stay vigilant, don't back down.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
:iconanonymouswearelegion:AnonymousWeAreLegion 7 21
Two NEW Petitions -
One for TPPA and One for CISPA
:iconjo-ashflower:Jo-AshFlower 9 25


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Welcome to #KeepInformationFree!

KeepInformationFree is a global political activist organization dedicated to preserving the individual's right to freedom of information. Many American corporate organizations, including but not limited to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), have been pushing for increased copyright protection of corporate entities at the expense of the individual consumer and freedom of information. We are asking that government entities and corporations charged with providing information to the People of the United States focus on defending the individual's basic human right to freedom of information, against corporations that are pressing for unjust control.

If you believe in the importance of the basic human right to freedom of information, please take the time to sign our petition:…

KeepInformationFree is a global network. We welcome your feedback!

KeepInformationFree's Facebook:…
KeepInformationFree's Twitter:
KeepInformationFree's Email:

Actions You Can Take:
1. Invite as many people as you can to KeepInformationFree!

2. Post a message about the importance of our mission in your deviantART journal, on your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and anywhere else you can think of. Encourage others to support freedom of information. For convenience, I have prepared a pre-written message which you can simply copy and paste:

Freedom of information is vital for the progress of a civilized society! Unfortunately, corporations like the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America want to take it away... That's why KeepInformationFree is asking the government administration and companies that largely influence the flow of information to protect our rights. Please sign this petition to preserve freedom of information:…

Re-post this so as many people know as possible. Blog it, tweet it, email it around. Let's preserve Freedom of Information while we still can!

Please Note: You will need to correct the links when copy and pasting. Otherwise it will say 'link' without actually being a link.

3. Comment on the profiles of members belonging to anti-SOPA-and-PIPA groups here on deviantART. Let people know that corporations are at it again, making money by withholding information that we need to know.. and that we are here to stand in their way. Once again, I've prepared a pre-written comment that can be copy and pasted for convenience:

Please consider signing this petition to preserve freedom of information:…

Freedom of information is a basic human right, and extremely important for the advancement of a civilized society. Don't let corporations take it away!

Here is a quick list of groups whose members will support freedom of information:
Protest-against-SOPA Protest-Against-ACTA OCCUPYart Reboot-Freedom VivaLaInternet Stop-SOPA-Group DeviantsAgainstSOPA ANTI-SOPA-GROUP STUFF-SOPA downwithSOPA Mind-ur-Own-Business Stop-SOPA AntiSOPAandPIPA GROUP-AGAINST-ACTA

4. Call or write letters to Internet Service Providers and ask them not to participate in the RIAA's "Six Strikes Agreement." Explain to them that what they're doing will only make more money for greedy corporations, while doing nothing to protect the rights of the independent worker who created the copyrighted material.

Pre-written letter for Internet Service Providers can be found HERE: keepinformationfree.deviantart…
List of Internet Service Providers and contact information can be found HERE: keepinformationfree.deviantart…

5. E-mail and/or send snail mail letters to any celebrities and major persons involved in political activism, human rights, or anything to do with innovation and technology. For example: Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from "Mythbusters", Joe and John DiPrima from "ArcAttack", Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Tim Cook, Sean Penn, Ben Affleck, Rush Limbaugh, and many others. If you need help finding the contact information of a particular celebrity, send a Note to Steamstrike with the celebrity's name.

Pre-written letter for celebrities and major persons can be found HERE: keepinformationfree.deviantart…

6. If you are a U.S. citizen: E-mail, fax, send snail mail to, and call the Senators for your state. You can also contact presidential candidates and former politicians.

Pre-written letter for United States Senators can be found HERE: keepinformationfree.deviantart…
Contact information for United States Senators can be found HERE:…

7. Pay for advertisements advocating freedom of information and briefly stating what Internet Service Providers plan to do to take it away. Try to get a group of friends and supporters together and pool money to fund the advertisements.

8. Distribute physical media and coordinate demonstrations. Make posters and fliers advocating freedom of information and get permission to display them in local businesses. Make a banner saying "KEEP INFORMATION FREE" and get two or three friends to stand on a public sidewalk and display it with you.

If you need more information on public demonstrations, contact Steamstrike.






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SOPA and Net Neutrality are just a part of their plans!…
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Greetings fellow activists, let me just leave this little comment here for people to see, for free.

-Copyright laws are mearly tarrifs that violate captialism free market.
-they exist solely for the sake of creating a monopoly. No other reason.
-I've been a conspiracy theorist for years now, and the events in recent years
fall under my "I told you so doesn't even begin to cover this" catagory.
-I've been a self proclaimed marxist for years now, so of course I support community sharing of anything.
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I thought you might be interested in :iconnonetcensorshipplz: as he collect's Anti-Net Censorship groups by joining them, inducing sevrel groups you don't have listed
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